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Welcome to the delightful world of Bluey, where we created Only Bluey coloring pages for you! “Bluey,” the beloved animated series featuring a spirited blue heeler pup, has enchanted audiences with heartwarming stories, imaginative play, and charming characters. Now, you can bring Bluey’s vibrant world to life with your own colors and creativity.

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Fun Ways to Use Bluey Coloring Pages as an Activity

Bluey Coloring Contest

Objective: Host a friendly coloring contest where participants can showcase their creativity and compete for fun prizes.


Gather Supplies: Print several Bluey coloring pages and gather coloring tools like crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Set Up: Arrange a comfortable coloring area with enough space for each participant.

Explain the Rules:

    • Each participant selects one Bluey coloring page.
    • They have a set amount of time (e.g., 30 minutes) to complete their artwork.
    • Encourage creativity with colors and added details.

    Start Coloring: Begin the contest and let everyone enjoy the coloring process.

    Judging: Once time is up, display all the finished pages and have a panel of judges (or everyone can vote) decide on winners based on creativity, neatness, and use of color.

    Awards: Give out small prizes or certificates for categories like “Most Creative,” “Best Use of Color,” and “Neatest Coloring.”

      Bluey Storybook Creation

      Objective: Create a collaborative storybook using Bluey coloring pages, where each page tells a part of a new Bluey adventure.


      1. Gather Supplies: Print out a series of Bluey coloring pages and gather coloring tools. You’ll also need blank paper, pens, and a stapler or binder.
      2. Divide Pages: Distribute one coloring page to each participant. If there are many participants, you can form small groups.
      3. Coloring: Have each participant or group color their Bluey page, encouraging them to think about a story that could accompany their picture.
      4. Storytelling: Once the coloring is complete, gather everyone together. Starting with the first page, have each participant or group write down a few sentences or a short paragraph describing what is happening in their picture.
      5. Compile the Story: Arrange the colored pages logically to form a coherent story. Attach the written descriptions below or beside each colored page.
      6. Create the Book: Bind the pages using a stapler or binder to create a finished storybook.
      7. Read Aloud: Share the completed storybook with everyone, reading it aloud and enjoying the collaborative creativity.

      These activities provide hours of entertainment and foster creativity, teamwork, and a love for storytelling. Enjoy your Bluey adventures!

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      Only Bluey Free Coloring Page Downloads

      The following Only Bluey free coloring pages are available for easy download and printing. Click on the image for the PDF printable.

      Jump to your favorite image and let your creativity flow!

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      Silly Bluey dancing

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      Bluey waving in front of her house Only Bluey coloring pages
      Bluey waving in front of her house

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      Silly Bluey jumping over a fence page to color

      Bluey jumping over a fence Only Bluey coloring pages
      Bluey jumping over a fence

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      Bluey holding a balloon bouquet Only Bluey coloring pages
      Bluey holding a balloon bouquet

      Bluey playing at a carnival Ferris wheel ride

      Bluey at a carnival Only Bluey Coloring Pages
      Bluey at a carnival

      Bluey at a birthday party page to color

      Bluey at a birthday party Only Bluey coloring pages
      Bluey at a birthday party

      We aim to support parents and caregivers by offering engaging and enriching coloring pages for all ages.

      Starting is easy—you only need a few supplies and a sprinkle of creativity!

      So gather your colored pencils, markers, or crayons, and get ready to have fun coloring and letting your creativity soar!

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